From an early age, children are intrigued by the Moon, the sky, the Universe. However, astronomy is not part of the general knowledge of most adults, and few are those capable of answering appropriately to the most common questions, such as « What is the Moon ? ».

Astronomy fascinates people, and aerospace industry is a domain of wide interest, as probed by the planetary success of the movie Gravity.

With The Small Planetarium, we wish to demystify astronomy, to give some keys for understanding for children aged four and over, and to excite curiosity. The Universe is our next frontier, open for exploration. This series of animated movies will allow the new generations to be familiarized with this universal environment.

Breaking usual stereotypes that often keep astronomy for little boys, we have conceived the series in a way such that both girls and boys can be interested, and hopefully that it serves as an entrance door into science for little girls.
A peculiar attention is given to the aestheticism of the project, to cut with usual representations of scientific disciplines.

With charming characters, funny dialogues, original drawings, we will make advanced scientific knowledge accessible to children, and to their parents.